Natural Ways to Lose Weight with an Office Job

Natural Ways to Lose Weight with an Office Job

With so many of us having office jobs, we know how difficult it can be to lose weight when we are sitting for many hours throughout the day. When you are stuck behind a desk for up to 8 hours, it can really take a toll on the body. Over time, we don't realize that we are not burning as many calories, and as a result, the number on the scale tends to go up instead of down, which can be extremely frustrating!

The good news is that it certainly does not have to be this way. Let's take a look at the best ways to lose weight when you spend your days in an office environment. 

Take Calls Standing Up

One of the best ways to burn extra calories without giving it much thought is to make a point to always stand up when you are on the phone. In on office job, we find ourselves making and taking calls constantly. Get in the habit of standing as soon as the phone rings or as you are dialing. Not only will you burn up to 50% more calories when you are standing, but you'll also find that you feel better and more energized.

Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand

Make sure to fill your bag with healthy options, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and plenty of water to keep you going throughout the workday. Office workers tend to do a lot of mindless snacking while sitting at their desks, and the calories can really add up. Rather than heading to the vending machine or grabbing a donut from the break room, indulge in healthy foods that can keep you full while allowing you to reach your weight loss goals at the same time.

Also, remember to keep a bottle of water with you at all times, instead of reaching for a soda or sugary juice. Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day can help you reduce cravings, eliminate feelings of tiredness, and drop pounds at the same time.

Find Opportunities to Get Moving

While we may feel that sitting behind a desk all day limits our ability to take steps, there are actually ways to get around this. Look for opportunities in your day to keep yourself moving and burn calories. Perhaps you need to ask a coworker a question, and he or she is on the other side of the office.

Rather than emailing, take a stroll over and speak in person. This will help strengthen your mobility and help you to get in extra steps throughout the day. Also, remember to avoid the elevator whenever you can. If you need to deliver a file to a department that is just a few floors away from your own, head for the stairs instead!

Enjoy Your Lunch Break

When things get busy, we tend to get overwhelmed. Many people who work in an office will eat lunch at their desks in order to get some extra work done or meet deadlines. This can cause increased stress levels, which not only causes us to eat without enjoyment but can also lead to overeating.

When you have a lot of work to get done, or you are working on something complicated, you may mindlessly head to the vending machine for a bag of chips or a candy bar to "calm down". The best thing you can do in order to avoid this is to move away from your desk when lunchtime comes.

Find somewhere quiet to sit, or enjoy the time talking to some friends. Take the opportunity to eat outside in the sunshine, if possible. No matter what you choose to do, this time of the day should be for your enjoyment, so take advantage of it.

Use Your Breaks to Go For a Walk

If you are given two 15-minute breaks throughout the day, use this as an opportunity to get some aerobic exercise. Take a walk around the office hallways, or even outside in the parking lot.

This 30 minutes of exercise per day is extremely beneficial in order to reach your weight loss goals. 30-60 minutes of moderate exercise daily is vital for weight loss and calorie burn, so instead of reaching for a magazine or checking out social media when break time comes, get in the habit of taking a walk. In addition to burning calories, it will help you feel better and keep you more focused as well.

Stand Up, Stretch, or Even Fidget

It is important to remember that you are not glued to your chair while you are at work! Every so often, remember to get up and stretch your body. Also, remember that even while you are sitting, you can tap your toes and fidget in order to burn some extra calories.

Don't let yourself get in the habit of sitting perfectly still for hours. Not only while this cause sore muscles, but it will also make weight loss even more difficult since your body will be burning significantly fewer calories. In fact, those who fidget can burn up to 300 calories or more per day than those who don't. That really adds up!

Take the Long Route

Burn a few extra calories every time you get the chance! Instead of taking the quick, direct path to the restroom, go out of your way a little bit. Better yet, use a restroom on a different floor so that you are forced to take the stairs.

When you arrive for work in the morning, instead of going straight from your car to your desk, get in a few extra steps by stopping by the water cooler, going to say good morning to a friend, or just walking up and down the hallway once or twice before sitting down. These simple changes will help your body burn extra calories on a daily basis.

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