5 Powerful Tips for Training Like a Pro and Living Like an Adventurer

5 Powerful Tips for Training Like a Pro and Living Like an Adventurer

Are you ready to take your fitness and, perhaps more importantly, your fun to the next level?

Most people think that the solution to improving their workouts is to simply put more time in. More time at the gym, more time preparing the perfectly balanced meal, more time researching the "best" way to do things.

These things can work—but the process probably won't be very fun, and it certainly won't be exciting.

So what if you had a totally different mindset?

What if you had the mindset of an adventurer?

In today's post, we're going to take a close look at five transformative ways you can supercharge your training with the habits of a professional adventurer.

#1– Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

What makes a pro a real pro?

There's about a thousand different answers to that question, and many of them would be right. "A pro understands discipline," you might say, or, "a pro never gives up." Both are excellent points, but we would wager there's an even more common thread that all pros share—the ability to get out of their "comfort zones" and try new things. This also happens to be a trait of any good adventurer worth his or her salt, right?

Make a resolution with yourself: you're going to try something new, and you're not going to put it off. Maybe it's a machine at the gym that you've had your eye on but didn't think you had the grit to try out. Maybe it's a hike that's a few more miles than you usually do. Whatever it is, do it. It'll be an adventure.

#2 – Learn More About Functional Strength Training

Functional strength training has been all the rage over the past decade or so, in large part popularized by Paul Wade's mega-popular (and controversial) book Convict Conditioning and other such publications that promote the idea that workouts should be designed to improve the strength you need in day-to-day scenarios.

Functional strength training often involves the practice of body-weight training or training with minimal equipment; perfect for the traveling adventurer.

In any case, the idea itself makes enough sense that the concept should at least be compared against your usual gym routine. Are your workouts making you strong for when it counts, or are they just improving how hot you look in the mirror?

Let's put it like this: if you want to be like Indiana Jones when he outran the boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark, you're going to want some functional strength.

#3 – Get to Know Your Amino Acids

You don't have to be a physician or a chemist to develop a very solid understanding of the human body and its internal mechanisms.

When you develop this understanding, a funny thing happens: you become more in tune with your own body since you have the knowledge and language to better understand and describe what's happening.

You'll also have a far more complete picture of how to give your body exactly what it needs to reach peak performance.

Take L-Arginine for example. Have you heard of it? Did you know that this vital amino acid helps your body make important proteins, among a bunch of other factors, like improved cellular function, the development of larger muscles, and the prevention of high blood pressure and even heart failure?

Yeah. It's that important.

A great way to expand your knowledge and understanding of the underlying chemical components of the supplements you take - and how your body reacts to them - can be found at the Roam USA Help Center.

#4 – Go Just a Little Bit Further

Two-time Olympian and winner of this year's Boston Marathon Desiree Linden said in a post-victory interview that her mantra during a race is to "just show up for one more mile."

If that doesn't qualify as a powerful statement by a bonafide modern-day adventurer, we're not sure what would.

When the urge to quit comes to you—and it will, it happens to all of us—there are some nifty tricks you can use to fight back, whether you're pushing through your final set at the gym or half a mile from the top of a mountain.

A powerful tool to do this is to learn a little about mindfulness and how it goes hand-in-hand with a successful training regimen. Mindfulness is perhaps most succinctly described as "focusing your awareness on the present moment and nothing else."

It's not as woo-woo as it sounds at first. The next time you're struggling and every bone in your body is telling you to quit, to turn around, or that maybe you're not cut out for this adventuring business after all, you can immediately shut up that little voice by bringing your awareness to the present moment.

Focus on your body. Observe the pain. Intimately experience the strike of your feet against the pavement or the burning in your thighs as you stroke the pedal of your bicycle.

You'll find that this brings two distinct benefits: first, the ability to observe the discomfort rather than to be overwhelmed by it. Second, by becoming aware of the present moment and the movement of your body, you can re-tune the mechanics of your activity so that you perform even better.

Adventurers live in the "now." To be a pro, to be an adventurer, you have to ask yourself how far you're willing to go. And then you go just a bit further. Just show up for one more mile.

#5 – Use Gear That Supports You

Adventurers use gear that supports them and not the other way around. Suppose that you're a big fantasy nerd like the author. Picture in your mind what a hero from a world like Game of Thrones would be wearing (aside from nothing, rare though that may be).

Your fantasy hero would likely be wearing armor that fits them like a glove, a belt that has every manner of tool and weapon strapped to it so they're prepared for any scenario, and, of course, a slew of apparel and accessories that are both functional and look totally sweet.

Whether you're slaying dragons or cycling cross-country, make sure that the gear you use helps you get the most out of your adventure. The best gear "just works," giving you the freedom to enjoy your experience and lifestyle.

You don't have to break the bank either—just check out Roam USA's affordable-yet-durable adventure gear and apparel.

The Secret About Adventurous Lifestyles Nobody Tells You...

...Is that adventures don't usually "just happen to you."

The greatest adventures are created, crafted, and molded minute-by-minute by only one person. You. And what better way to create an adventure than with a body that works for you, not against you? Rarely in a lifetime will adventures find you by happenstance; you have to create them yourself.

If you don't know how, just start roaming.