Free to Roam

Established in 2015, Roam was founded in Maine with the goal of creating a product that could make it simple to navigate while riding our bicycles and motorcycles.

We wanted to make our adventures easier to navigate at a fair price; so we solved our own problem. From that product grew our passion for creating ways to keep adventures alive.

Roam wants to equip you internally and externally with the freedom to wonder, be inspired, explore…the freedom to Roam.

Whether that's exploring the vast world or exploring the next street over; starting a new career or reaching new personal goals; all of life is an adventure if you choose.

Wonder doesn’t start with direction, it starts with curiosity. But oftentimes we don’t allow ourselves to wonder, “whats out there” or “what could be if…”. We don’t let ourselves be inspired for fear of being let down or disappointed.


"I'm very happy with the customer service that quickly answered all my questions about your product.."

delia smith

"I want to thank you for your amazing products especially for the packable backpack. I love it!"

Peter morgan

"I started taking Ashwagandha in hopes that it'd give me more energy and less stress. On day one, it helped with both. I could tell a difference."

sofia moreno
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